Based on Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen

"TanGhost" opened 12.June 2004 in Lillehammer.
The play got fantastic reviews and continued to get both that and packed houses with ecstatic audiences during the whole "TanGhost"-Tour in Norway 2004 which ended at The National Theatre i Oslo, during the Ibsenfestival.

"TanGhost" continued to play for packed houses in January, February and March 2005 at The National Theatre's mainstage in Oslo, Norway.

The project is a fusion of Ibsen’s classical text of ”Ghost”, world renowned tango-dancer Pablo Veron, new original music by Sverre Indris Joner, video art, and supreme actors from Norway – ”Henrik Ibsen’s home” – all is a very unusual combination, but nevertheless an exciting one.

This is a project in which a new generation of directors, designers and performers combine their talents in dance, music, video, scenography with texts of classical plays into a uniquely new theatrical fabric.

Ibsen’s ”GHOSTS” is filled with lonely people, unable to fulfill their dreams, trapped in their traditions. There is an underlying sensual aroma in conversations taking place in a ”polite” living room, surrounded by constant rain outside. For the ”TanGhost” team this was the perfect setup for bringing tango into the play. Tango is also described as a dance ”in which two lonely people meet, and dance out their loneliness”.

The Argentinian tango star Pablo Veron, known from the movie “The Tango Lesson”, directed by Sally Potter, is both actor in the production as well as its choreographer. As the performer of Ms. Alving’s dead husband, Mr. Veron adds another character to the original five written by Ibsen.

The visual concept of the production is a combination of imaginative lighting, video art and animation and Dobrusky’s simple, yet magical scenography.
“TanGhost” is filled with Sverre Indris Joner’s new original tango-esque music, with obvious links to modern beats of hip hop and Nordic sound of jazz.

“TanGhost” is a stage fairytale of Henrik Ibsen’s chilling psychology, tango tension, supreme dancing with Pablo Veron in the lead, superb actors of The National Theatre of Norway, exciting music, compelling visual elements– all navigated by director Per-Olav Sørensen

When on international tour, the text in “TanGhost” will be spoken in the original Norwegian with subtitles in English or the local language.

was formed by Norwegian director Per-Olav Sørensen in 2001. The company uses the talents of a variety of artists for each production, but the core of co-creators like scenographer Pavel Dobrusky, costume designer Kathrine Tolo, and video artist Thorbjørn Ljunggren stays often the base of our productions. POS Theatre Company has produced the highly experimental drama ”Mensch!” where Sørensen co-operated with Kruetzer Kompani (choreographer Eva Cecilie Richardsen and video artist HC Gilje), scenographer Pavel Dobrusky, the musician Hans Kristian Kjos Sørensen, and dancer Jonas Digerud.
”Mensch!” was a visual fairytale with stunning creative solutions for telling the story of a man’s whole life in 60 minutes.

Compared with ”Mensch!” - the storytelling-play ”Grand Old Man” was a project on the opposite end of the theatre style spectrum. Based on the text by the award-winning author Lars Saabye Christensen’s bestselling novel ”The Half-brother”, Sørensen created an unforgettable 1 h 45 min monologue together with 77 years old Espen Skjønberg – one of Norway’s finest actors of all times.

Over the last three years, POS Theatre Company has also co-produced several new plays with different theatre groups. Including "Vekkelsesmøte" - the newest show by and with the Swedish star-comedian Jonas Gardell. ”TanGhost” is a project POS Theatre Company has worked on since 2001.